Why your hamster eye popping out

Hamsters eye popping out often is one of the most common and with the right care, hamster eye can go back to its place within 24 hours. The best way to deal with such a situation is to be aware of it as there are many reasons for hamsters' eyes popping out. It may happen due to various natural reasons or sometimes due to mishaps. Eye-popping out in hamsters is never normal and needs immediate care and attention.

Here I have mentioned common reasons for hamster eye popping out.

Why your hamster eye popping out

1. Excessive light exposure

If your hamster is constantly exposed to bright lights, this can cause stress and lead to eye-popping. The immediate relief of the discomfort caused by this may be the reason behind such behavior.

2. Faulty water bottle

A faulty water bottle or a continuous dripping of water from the bottle may irritate your hamster causing the hamster to pop its eyes out.

3. Faulty wheel

A faulty wheel can cause your hamster discomfort and lead to the popping of the eyes, again in an attempt to release this discomfort that is caused by the wheel.

4. Wheel running at night time

Excessive wheel running causes stress on all of the hamster's organs, especially the cardiovascular system. When a hamster is running at night time, they have a tendency to pop their eyes out as it is dark and this behavior makes them feel better or more comfortable.

5. The wrong type of wheel for your hamster

There are 2 main types of wheels that you can purchase for your hamster, solid wheels or wire-framed ones. Wire framed ones are the most popular, however, they are bad for your hamster's feet. If you choose this option, try and cover it with something soft to make it more comfortable for them to run on.

6. Wrong size of the wheel for your hamster

If your hamster is of small size, avoid purchasing very big wheels. If you already have one, exchange it for a smaller one. The wrong sized wheel can be uncomfortable and cause stress to your hamster.

7. Excessive exercise

Exercise is good for your hamster, however, if they are allowed to run excessively there may be a chance that they could damage their cardiovascular system and lead to the popping of the eyes as it is an attempt to relieve stress on this organ.

8. Parasites

If your hamster has parasites, you need to visit a vet. If not treated, these may cause eye problems such as conjunctivitis which will make your hamster feel unwell and want to relieve this pain by popping its eyes out.

9. Allergies

If your hamster has allergies, there may be a chance that the remedies you are using on them aren't working. If this is the case, visit a vet who will prescribe medication for your hamster which should clear up the problem, and prevent eye-popping.

10. Foreign body in the eye

If your hamster has a foreign object such as dust or dirt, this may irritate their eyes and cause them to pop out in order to get rid of this irritation. If you notice one of your hamsters with its eyes popped out, check that they are clean and dust-free to prevent such behavior in the future.


Although there are some reasons which can cause your hamster's eyes to pop out, remember that they were born this way for a reason. Some of these problems can be fixed with minimal fuss, however, if it is something more serious such as eye cancer then you need to take him or her to the vets who will prescribe medication. With all of these causes, it is important to visit your vet so that they can check for eye infections and other diseases. 

Do you own a hamster? What kind of wheel do you use for your hamster? Tell us in the comments below!

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