How to get a dog to stop jumping on People

Today I am going to answer a common question, how to get a dog to stop jumping on People and strangers. Jumping may seem harmless when your puppy is small, but as your puppy grows, that jumping can be completely dangerous.

The problem behind this behavior is that your dog has practiced and learned this behavior. It can be a little hard to stop. But don’t worry, I am here to help you avoid this rule with some simple tips.

How to keep a dog from jumping on people

Create a keyword

Step one is to create a keyword that your dog is going to respond to it. knowing that when I hear this word I'm going to have to stop this behavior which is the jumping. so you have to say that keyword and your dog is going to respond and stop that behavior.

Redirect the behavior

Next, you have to redirect the behavior. so when your dog hears the keyword and then you have to redirect your dog physically and mentally. the best thing to do is pull the leash to the side before your dog going to jumps on people.

Ask your dog to sit down and stay

The next step is to ask your dog for a behavior you like. Your dog can sit and stay. It is better to teach your dog to sit instead of jumping. Do not forget to treat your dog during this time. This will motivate your dog to do the desired behavior.

Be patient and consistent

Training your dog to stop this behavior will take a lot of time and work until you get the results you want. It will not happen overnight. You have to work through all these steps to see the result. So be patient and calm. Soon, your puppy will be sitting happily instead of jumping.

Be active with guests

If you have company, put your puppy on a rope. This allows your puppy to be kept away from your guests and accessible without jumping until he is quiet.

Preventive action

As I mentioned earlier, jumping may seem harmless when your puppy is small, but as your puppy grows, that jumping is absolutely dangerous. So do not let your puppy or your dog jump in first, do not practice and learn this behavior. Prevention at an early stage is the best key.  


hope I answered the common question how to stop dog jumping on people. If you have any questions leave those questions in the comment section.

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