How to get puppy to stop peeing in crate


If your puppy is peeing in their crate, there are a few things you can do to help them stop. One of the best ways to prevent this behavior is by making sure they are properly potty trained. If they know how to only pee outside, they're less likely to do it in their crate.

How to get puppy to stop peeing in crate

Puppy's Natural Habitat

Your puppy has been taken away from his mother and siblings before he is ready to be on his own. This is why you are having problems house training him because he doesn't understand that he has to pee outside. He thinks that this new place with the hard floor is just another place to pee. You have to take him back to his natural habitat and let him roam free until he is house trained. This will take time, but it is the only way to properly train your puppy.

Puppy's Needs

In order for your puppy to stop peeing in his crate, you need to meet his needs. He is still a baby and needs to be let outside often. In the beginning, you may have to take him out every fifteen minutes whether he has gone or not. Only give him water right before bedtime. He will wake up during the night because of his bladder being so small and you must take him outside this time as well.

Make them empty

Another way to stop your puppy from peeing in the crate is to make them empty. This involves taking them outside twice or three times every time you put them in their crate for an hour. They could also be taken out before putting them in there, but this isn't always as effective.

Use Pee Pad

It's best if the puppy has already gone potty before being put in the crate. If they have an accident, it's important to clean it up right away so they don't think it's okay to do it there. You can also try using a pee pad or another designated spot for them to go potty in the crate.

Use wire crate

If your puppy continues to pee in the crate, then it would be best for you to get a wire crate. This will allow you to see when he is going and make it easier to correct him. A wire crate will also help keep your puppy cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Be sure to place a blanket or towel over the top of the crate at night so your puppy can stay warm.

How to crate training your Puppy

A wire crate is the best option for this kind of training because it will be easy to take his waste out and see when he is going to go. This way you can correct him before he goes and praise him after he goes outside.

If you start with training your puppy to go into his crate on command, then you are already ahead of the game. You can use a simple word like "kennel" or "crate" and he will learn that this means go inside.

Be sure to take your puppy outside right before bedtime, at night during quiet time, and first thing in the morning. A simple set of bells or a chime will also help you to know when he needs to go outside because you will be able to hear it on the door.

After your puppy has learned that this is where he goes to sleep, then you can start closing the door for small amounts of time while you are still in the room. Be sure to give him lots of praise when he stays in his crate and never use the crate as a punishment. Puppies don't understand discipline and will only become scared of the crate.

If you are consistent with your puppy, he will eventually learn to not pee in his crate. Just be sure to take him outside often and meet all of his needs!


Remember, proper crate training takes time and patience. If you are consistent with your puppy, he will eventually learn not to pee in his crate. Just be sure to take him outside often and meet all of his needs!

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