How to litterbox train a ferret


Ferrets are intelligent and can be litterbox trained with a little patience. Start by providing your ferret with a designated litterbox in an easily accessible location. Here are some tips for how to litterbox train a ferret.

How to litterbox train a ferret

There are a few different things you can do to litterbox train your ferret. One is to put the litterbox in a place where your ferret likes to hang out since they will likely want to go to the bathroom near where they eat and sleep. Another is to praise your ferret when they go in the box and give them a treat whenever they use it. Ferrets are trained easily by positive reinforcement.


Litter training is actually pretty simple with ferrets, as long as you have a box that's at least 1 and a half times the length of your ferret. The lid should be able to fit on securely to prevent your ferret from spilling litter out and making a mess. Some people like to use a covered box to make sure their ferret doesn't pee on the floor, but this is optional.


Fill the litterbox with a soft litter like Carefresh or Yesterday's News. You can also use sand, which is what most zoos use to litter train their ferrets. Keep in mind that if you use sand, your ferret will be able to eat it and may get sick if they consume too much.

Let them explore the litterbox 

Once the box is filled with litter, place your ferret in it and let them explore. Some ferrets will take to the box right away, while others will take a little longer. If your ferret has trouble getting to the box, you can set them on top of it until they figure out how to get off.

Keep the litterbox in the comfortable place

Once your ferret gets used to going in the litterbox, they will most likely start digging and covering up their business. This is completely normal behavior for a ferret, so you don't have to do anything except make sure the litterbox is in a place where they feel comfortable going.

Some people also like to make a scratching noise when their ferret uses the box, but this isn't necessary. Ferrets don't cover up their business with dirt or leave that's just something we humans think of as neat!


Ferrets may sometimes go on the floor or in other inappropriate places, even if they have a litterbox. This is normal and can't always be prevented. If your ferret goes somewhere other than the litterbox, just clean it up and put the litterbox back in its usual spot.

Eventually, your ferret will get used to going in the box, and litterbox training them will become easier. The more you take your ferret to the litterbox and praise them when they go in it, the faster they'll get used to using it.

If your ferret is not litter trained, here are a few things that may be causing it:

-Your ferret has not been spayed or neutered

-You are using the wrong litterbox or the box is not in a good spot

-Your ferret is sick or has a physical problem that is making it difficult to go to the bathroom

If you have ruled out all of these possibilities and your ferret is still having trouble litter training, you may want to take them to a vet. In some cases, a physical problem can make it difficult for your pet to use the litterbox.

Once you have determined why your ferret isn't using the box anymore, go back and try what worked before. If they are doing better now, great! If not, take them to the vet or consult with an exotic animal veterinarian to make sure there isn't a physical problem.

Don't give up! If your ferret is old enough and has not been spayed or neutered, now may be a good time to do that as well as litter box train them. Sometimes, this can help with other behavior problems like aggression.


Ferrets are very intelligent animals and can be litter trained with a little patience and positive reinforcement. With a little time and effort, you will have a happy, healthy ferret that uses the litterbox like a champ!

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