What sound does a guinea pig make

A guinea pig is a type of rodent that makes many different sounds, including grunts, squeals, and squeaks. A dozen specific calls have been identified in adult animals. These vocalizations are believed to be at least partially social functions within the family group or between mating pairs.

What sound does a guinea pig make

Guinea pigs make a wide variety of noises, but most commonly they'll make a squeaking or grunting sound. The particular type of noise your guinea pig makes has a very specific meaning. In some cases, it can even tell you what's wrong with your cavy if it seems to be sick or injured. If you'd like to know how to understand these sounds and determine what they mean, we've put together some examples below:


This is one of the most common guinea pig noises and it usually means that the cavy is scared or feels threatened.


This is usually a sign of displeasure or anger. If your guinea pig starts grunting, it might be trying to tell you that it's not happy with something you're doing.


Wheezing is often a sign that the guinea pig is having difficulty breathing and might need veterinary attention.


Snorting is a strange noise that may indicate that the guinea pig needs attention, or it may just be a sign of annoyance. You'll probably find that your cavy makes this sound when you try to clean its cage or interact with it in some way.


The scream is an unusual and alarming noise, so if your guinea pig starts making this noise it's probably in a lot of pain or is very scared. This noise should always be taken seriously and you should seek veterinary help as soon as possible.

Sick guinea pigs make all sorts of weird sounds, from a high-pitched squeal to a deep, guttural moan. If your guinea pig is making strange noises, it's a sign that something is wrong and you should take him to the vet.

Guinea pig sick sounds

Some of the most common reasons why guinea pigs make sick sounds are:

Pain: If your guinea pig is in pain, he may make high-pitched squeals or whines.

Illness: A guinea pig who is sick will often make deep, guttural moans as he tries to catch his breath.

Discomfort: If your guinea pig is uncomfortable, he may make a variety of weird sounds as he tries to get comfortable.
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