What to feed a baby rabbit from the wild


Rabbit is one of the most favorite animals for those who like animals. If you tame them, they will become lovely pet and friendly with their owner. People usually feed them with rabbit food like pellets and carrots, but can we make other kinds of foods for our lovely rabbits?

This article will talk about five other types of food we can feed baby rabbits from the wild which has better nutrition. Hope this article gives you ideas on what to do when your pet rabbit doesn't seem to be interested in his or her usual diet.

What to feed a baby rabbit from the wild

Rabbit Pellets

First one is pellets made by companies such as Harlan Teklad and Mazuri . They are good for bunny because it contains all necessary nutrients that a bunny need. But the pellets are expensive and not good for rabbit's teeth because they can cause dental problems if rabbits eat it too much.


Second of the five food is carrots. Come on, we all know that carrot is usual food for bunnies. It contains high level of sugar which may help to improve a bunny's appetite but it doesn't contain proteins and other nutrients a rabbit needs to grow up healthy. It will be better to feed them with green grass instead of feeding them with only carrots – no matter how much you give – because there is not enough nutrition your rabbit need in one piece of carrot.

Grasses And Herbs

Third type of foods is grasses and herbs, such as alfalfa, clover, grasses, dandelion leaves and many others. Vegetables are high in protein and low in calories. You can mix them with other vegetables or just feed it. I'm sure your bunny will like to eat the grasses more than carrots because they taste fresher and healthier too!

Vitamin C Tablets

Next of five food is vitamin C tablets . They provide many benefits for rabbits, such as reducing the chance of dental problems, good for skin inflammation (in case if your rabbit has affected skin), help to absorb iron (which means you don't need to mix Vitamin C tablet powder into water anymore) and also prevent urinary stones from forming at all! So giving them one tablet per day can be very beneficial for their health.

Honey And Sugar

Last of five food is honey and sugar . Honey contains a lot of glucose which rabbits need to help them grow healthy and sugar provide energy in smaller amount so it's good to use when we want to stimulate the appetite especially if the rabbit looks sick. But keep in mind that too much can cause diarrhea, particularly for young rabbits (less than 8 weeks old). So give no more than one teaspoonful per day for each 5 pounds your bunny weighs.

How to feed a baby rabbit from the wild

If you find a baby rabbit in the wild, or if one has been abandoned by its mother, there are a few things you can feed it until you can get it to a wildlife rehabilitator. Young rabbits need to eat about every two hours, so you'll need to keep a close eye on them and provide food often.

First, you should moisten the food with water. Please do not attempt to feed a baby rabbit food without adding water, because it will die of dehydration. Do not give cow's milk - this can lead to severe diarrhea or drinking problems, so please use only plain filtered water for the first few days. After two or three days, you can start adding some fresh grass and pellets to the mixture. This is a temporary solution, as you will need to get it to a rehabber as soon as possible.

A good option for food is regular rabbit pellets that you would feed your bunny every day - just moisten them with water before feeding. You can also give some fresh, green grass from your yard or a nearby park. Avoid cabbage, as it can lead to diarrhea. If you have no rabbit pellets available, you might try birdseed.

You will need to feed the baby rabbit every two hours around the clock with small amounts of food - just enough that he doesn't go hungry but not too much that he gets sick. If you can't do it yourself, ask a friend or family member to help out.


There you go! Hope this article helps you to enhance your knowledge about other types of food that you can feed for baby rabbits from the wild aside from pellets and carrots. If you know any other type please let us know by leaving comments below.

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