Does a Hamster make a good pet ?

Hamsters have been the favorite pets of people for a very long time now. It is known as a household pet because it can adapt to living with humans and any other pets that you may have in your house. This small animal is relatively inexpensive to keep, easy to maintain, and a delight to watch as they scurry around their cage during playtime. 

If you are thinking of getting a hamster or already have one and want to know more about their needs, we've got the answers for you. When it comes to households, there is no better pet than a Hamster!

Here are some common reasons to say hamsters make a good pet.

Does a Hamster make a good pet?

1. Easy to take care of

All you need is food (usually some specific hamster mix for it), water, bedding, and a wheel.  Although they do like chew toys.  You can also give them treats like fruits or vegetables every once in a while that are safe for them to eat.   

2. A healthy pet

Hamsters are actually considered to be the most healthy pet as they only need a small space, exercise, and food.  They're easy to take care of and they weigh less than a pound in adulthood.   

3. A life expectancy of 3-5 years

The average age for a hamster is three to five years.  They're not the type of pet you will have for 10-20 years like a dog or cat, but they are perfect for people who don't want the responsibility that comes with having a pet for that long.

4. A little bit of noise

Hamsters do make some noise at night you can hear them running on their wheel, but they are really quiet.  Just don't let the wheel run all day or it will wear out and then break.  They also squeak when they get excited which is actually kind of cute.   

5. Cute little furballs

Hamsters are so fluffy and cute.  They really are like little balls of fur that can scurry around your house.  It's fun to watch them run freely, especially if you have a transparent glass cage or tube for them to live in.   

6. Can't escape

Hamsters are too small for their owners to let them out for a walk.  They are also so little that they can't get out of a cage easily if it malfunctions.  If you're really worried there is a locking mechanism on the door to their cages, but that's about as secure as you can get with a hamster.   

7. They don't need much attention

Hamsters are low-maintenance pets.  You don't have to take them out for a walk, clean their litter box, or give them special attention like you do with other types of pets.   

8. They get along well with others

Hamsters may fight if it's two males living together, but most of the time they get along great with other hamsters.  They won't hiss or scratch like cats and dogs do if they're fighting, but you will probably hear some squeaking instead.   

9. They are quiet

Unless you have two male hamsters living together then your pet will be the only one that makes a noise at night.  They won't bark or whine, they'll just quietly run on their wheel all night long.   

10. Make a great first pet

Hamsters are the perfect pet for a child who wants a pet but is still young and learning how to take care of a living thing.  It's also good if you don't want to take care of a pet for years because they will only live three to five years.


They are a favorite pet due to their small size, low maintenance, and playfulness. A Hamster is the best choice for a household pet! 

A Hamster is a great pet to have as it can live with other pets and does not require a lot of attention. The only thing you need to take care of is their food, water, and playtime as they are small animals. It is recommended that you keep them in a cage as they might find ways out if left open. These rodents are quick and can easily find a way out of your house. The best choice for a household pet is a hamster! 

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