Where do hamster like to be pet

Hamsters make a great pet, they are low maintenance and can be very affectionate. One question that often comes up is where do hamsters like to be pet. This article will address this question as well as other interesting facts about hamster care.  

Where do hamsters like to be pet

1. The ears

The ears of a hamster are sensitive and it likes to be pet only in the right places. The insides of its ears, at the edge of the ear canal, are one such place. In fact, you can feel when a hamster is having fun because it will lift up part of its body off the ground so that it can feel the touch of your petting hand more easily.

2. Confined spaces

For some reason, hamsters like to be petted in confined spaces such as under the chin or between their shoulders. You may find it easier to do this if you first lift up its front half so that you are actually confining them between your hands.

3. The stomach area

Hamsters also like to be petted on the stomach area, just above the base of their tail because it is a no-go zone for them as they perceive this part of their body as 'private'. In fact, if you try to touch a hamster here, it will first give you a warning nip.

4. The face area

The armpits are the only other place where you should attempt to pet your hamster. Petting its face is definitely out of the question as it has sensitive skin here, particularly around the eyes and mouth, which could be damaged by rough handling. You might want to stroke the fur but refrain from actually touching the skin.

5. The head area

While you're unlikely to try petting a hamster here in the first place, it is well worth remembering that you should never try and rub a hamster's head. Hamsters have very strong neck muscles and they will not hesitate to nip if aggravated.

6. The rear half of the body

As mentioned earlier, hamsters don't like to be petted on their rear half for some reason and it is best not to try and touch them in this region. If a hamster becomes used to being petted in this area, it is possible that they will bite when you try and stop petting them there because they may actually view your hand as part of their body from all the attention!

7. Being held

Hamsters are not the best pets to have if you like holding them in your arms because they tend to wriggle and jump out. If you do want to pick up a hamster for whatever reason, make sure that it is in an open space so that it doesn't injure itself when it leaps.

8. The rear end

Hamsters will actually allow you to touch their rear end, but it is a very sensitive area and they will let you know if you're going too far by giving out a warning nip. There are many ways of petting a hamster.  Some hamsters like being right in the middle of your chest while some hamsters like to be petted on their stomach. 


As you can see, there are many different ways of petting a hamster. If your hamster is enjoying it, it might raise its fur making itself look larger to anyone watching.  Hamsters pets will love being cuddled or even held because they are very social animals that live together in the wild.

It is important to remember that some hamsters are more affectionate than others.  While one may love attention, others will be content with their toys and sleeping in their own cages. 

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