What does it mean when cat wags tail

What does it mean when cat wags tail

When your cat wags their tail, it could be because they are happy or excited. A wagging tail is often a sign that the cat wants attention. It's important to be able to tell the difference between when your cat is being friendly and when they are stressed out. If you notice that your cat usually wags their tail when they are feeling a certain way, then it might be trying to tell you how they feel.

Let us see in detail What does it mean when a cat wags its tail.I have mentioned 7 common reasons.

What does it mean when cat wags tail?

1. They feel happy, excited, or friendly

Cats wag their tails when they are happy, excited about something or even wanting attention. Oftentimes you can tell what type of mood your cat is in by the way that they wag its tail. A relaxed cat that is sitting down might casually swish their tail back and forth. This means that they are feeling calm and might be a little bored. A more active cat might have a wagging tail, but it will be faster and more intense. This means that your cat is ready to go and explore. If you try to stop them from going outside or playing with them, they will likely respond by hissing or trying to scratch you.

2. They are angry or scared

A cat that is feeling angry might have a very stiff, straight tail. If they hold the tail high in the air and then swish it from side to side, this means that they are angry and possibly ready to attack. If your cat backs into a corner with a stiff tail and a tucked head, this means that they are scared. They might feel threatened and will attack if you get too close. If your cat is feeling extremely threatened or scared, it might also growl or hiss at you to try to scare you away.

3. They are in pain

Cats can't communicate how much pain they are in very well with their facial expressions, so they use their tails instead. If your cat is in pain and holds its tail extremely high and tight to its body it could mean that they are in a lot of discomforts or possibly just had surgery. A cat that has arched its back might also be trying to tell you that something doesn't feel right.

4. They are sick

When a cat is extremely ill or feverish, it might also hold its tail very high and tight to its body like they were in pain. A cat with a high fever will usually be panting and drooling excessively as well. If your feline holds their tail in an "S" shape, this can mean that they don't feel well or might even be dying. If you notice something like this, it is important to take them to the vet as soon as possible.

What does it mean when cat wags tail

5. They are ready to fight

Cats that are about to attack another animal or person will usually hold their tail really high and stiff before they pounce. This is another way for the cat to appear bigger and scarier to make themselves look more of a threat.

6. They are ready to mate

Male cats will sometimes hold their tail high in the air when they are trying to find mating partners or mark their territory. Females might also do this if they want male attention, but it is not as common.

7. They feel threatened or scared

If your cat feels scared or threatened, it might hold its tail high in the air so that it looks like an extension of its body. If you see your cat do this you should back away slowly and try to give them a little distance. This is because when cats are scared they might attack if they feel like their territory is being invaded.


Cats have a lot of different ways that they communicate just like us. If you understand these seven signs, then it will be a little easier to tell what your cat is feeling at any given time. Remember though, every cat has a unique personality so not all of them might demonstrate their feelings in the same way as another one.

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