Why does my cat lay on top of me

A question that many cat owners have is why does my cat lay on top of me? The answer may lie with the way cats sleep and their need to feel safe and secure. As they explore the world, cats naturally seek out high and secure places — whether it's a tree branch or a sofa.

There are many reasons why your cat might lay on top of you, whether it is sleeping or not. Here are some common things that would make them do so:

Why does Your cat lay on top of you

1. You have a clean body

Cats are sensitive to scents and they tend to love the smell of their owners' bodies since they use it as their own scent when they leave their mark. When you take a bath, they can't reach your body so when they find you on the floor, it's like finding an inanimate object that smells like you and since cats love distinguishing their own scent from others', they'll rub against you to claim you as theirs.

2. You're warm

Cats are cold-blooded animals so when they find another warm body to sleep next to, they'll do it. They won't be able to get away from you since cats are very territorial and can be quite possessive even though they aren't big on showing it.

3. You're relaxing

Cats tend to look for people who won't bother them when they're in their zone. When you're relaxing on the floor, it's an invitation for your cat to join you and lay on top of you because that's when they can really be themselves without anyone disturbing them.

4. You look like a 'cat bed'

When your cat sees you lying down with no intentions of getting up, they might think that you're a giant cat bed and you'll be surprised how quickly they'll jump onto your chest and lay down to sleep. However, unlike humans who love sleeping so much that we can't resist it even if we know it's bad for our health, cats won't do the same since their survival instinct will make them get up after a few minutes of napping.

5. You're with their child

Cats are very protective of their children and when you play with your cat's kittens, it might be the time when they feel like sleeping on top of you since it makes them think that you want to take one of their babies away from them. It's a good thing when cats lay on top of you, but it can be very dangerous if they think that you'll hurt their child even though it's only because they're worried.

6. You smell like food

Since cats are hunters and they practically eat anything that gets close to them, for example, birds and rats, your cat might think that you're a little mouse and they'll want to come and 'play' with their food. When they see your body, it's another invitation for them to jump on top of you and try to catch you.

7. You look like their favourite toy

It's not that weird when cats lay on top of their favourite toys because they do it to claim them too. If your cat has a cuddly toy, you might want to take it away from them since they often see themselves as the owners of those soft animals and if they find one that is very similar to their own, they might sleep on top of it and try to 'protect' it from you.

8. You smell like their favourite place

Just like dogs, cats can get very attached to a certain smell and when you smell exactly the same way their favourite spot does, it might make them feel at home in your house. It's very common for cats to love places with many things they can climb on so if you have shelves full of things, your cat might think that you've brought their favourite place into your home.

9. They feel safe around you

Just like dogs, cats can get very attached to people so when they find someone who loves them and takes good care of them, they'll stick close to that person in order to feel safe. If you're this person, it's less likely that your cat will sleep on top of anyone else since they'll want to protect themselves from the rest of the world by staying close to you.

10. Your markings look like their own

It sounds crazy but sometimes cats can get very attached to people with markings that look like something they have so when they find this similarity between them and their favourite cat, they'll claim you as theirs because it makes them think that you could be a family member.

11. You have a familiar scent

Cats can identify their owners by their smell so if you've been around your cat for quite some time, they'll recognize the way you smell and will be more open to snuggling with you instead of hiding under the bed or walking away.

12. You slept with them before

Cats will remember where they sleep if it's with you and they'll be very adamant about joining you in your room as soon as the door is opened. Even if you were to leave them for a few days, when they see that their favourite snuggle buddy is back, they'll make it known by joining you on the bed and laying down next to you without any complaints.

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