How to teach a dog to lay down

Today I am going to share simple guides on how to teach a dog to lay down. The most common method followed by many is the Lure reward training method. Let's start training a young dog!

    Lure reward training

    • Request
    • Lure
    • Respond
    • Reward

    1. Grab your dog's favorite treat

    You'll need a pocket full of small treats ready to go .allure is like a magnet on your dog's nose. so you want to make sure that your dog is very interested in the food before you start. 

    2. Get your dog's attention and have them in a sitting position

    You can to put the food right on your dog's nose and start to lower it toward the floor. as soon as your dog drops the head down, a little bit to follow the food. after that, you have to praise your dog and give her the treat so the dog does not have to lie down the whole way. you want to tell her that what you want her to do is follow the Lord each time. you lower the food just a little bit more.

    3. Lure nose straight down to the floor

    In this step, your dog has to move a little further down in order to get it. if your dog stands up instead of following the food down, you may be moving the food too far forward away from your dog. so the lure is going to go straight down between her front paws. 

    You might have to experiment a little bit for your particular dog, in terms of the actual direction of the lure to make your dog lie down. once your dog is lying down ready for the treat every time.

    4. Try Hand Signals

    It t's time to start to fade the lure and turn it into a hand signal. the hand signal we're going to teach the dog now is an open flat palm moving down towards the floor.

    but we're going to start by making the signal. look just like the Lord. go all the way down to the floor. You can put the leash on the floor and step on it. so your dog is not loose.

    You have to do the hand signal without food in your hand and feed them very quickly from the other hand before she gets up. 

    You'll do that several times so your dog really understands that your open flat hand means the same thing as your hand with the food in it.

    5. Add the verbal cue

    Over the period of time, your dog should learn to lie down for also the hand signal without food. you have to lean over all the way. so we're going to make the hand signal a little smaller each time. so she learns how to lie down for just the hand signal alone. eventually, she'll be lying down for a very small hand signal right in front of her face with you standing upright. 

    we teach the dog the hand signal first because body language is their native language. later we're going to teach her the verbal cue the word sit for that behavior as well.

    Dos and Donts

    • You should have the treats that your dog loves.
    • Try to train your dog in a location that has fewer distractions.
    • if your dog has too much energy, then it's hard to get their attention. so try later in the day or after they tired from a long play session.
    • Do not punish your dog.


    I hope this post was helpful and understandable to teach your dog to lay down. Try this with your dog, happy training! Leave your suggestions and comments in the comment box below!

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