What to feed baby rabbits without a mother

Today we will see What to feed baby rabbits without a mother. Baby rabbits are small sweet and furry animals.that can require a lot of care. we have to feed them at appropriate times of the day. also, we have to ensure the proper amount and type of food.

Baby rabbit's feeding Supplies

  • Powdered Goat's milk or kitten milk replacer
  • Acidophilus 
  • Heavy whipping cream (100% sugar-free)
  • Syringes or eyedroppers
  • Cotton wool ball
  • Towel.

How often to feed baby rabbits without a mother

Basically, we have to feed newborn baby rabbits 3 to 4 times a day with 3mil of milk. try to make it quite thick. because rabbit's milk is the most calorific milk known to nature. and that's why the rabbits grow so fast. so you'll need to make sure you get the proper replacement.

Before you feed baby rabbits, confirm that the mother is not feeding before you take a baby rabbit away from its mother or think it's an orphan.

We can feed babby rabbits with powdered goat's milk or kitten milk replacer. it's the closest thing to bunny milk. you can also supplement the kitten milk replacer by adding a bit of acidophilus to the formula this can help baby rabbits maintain healthy intestinal bacteria.

You can supplement each can of KMR with one tablespoon of sugar-free 100% heavy whipping cream to increase the calories and mimic the rich mother's milk. from birth until they are about six weeks old and you'll need to mix enough formula to feed them at different ages by splitting the formula into two equal feedings a day.

How to feed baby rabbits without a mother

To feed baby rabbits you can use syringes or eyedroppers. Baby rabbits won't usually eat from a bottle. this will help you control the amount that kittens eat and help mimic the size of a mother's nipple. you can buy oral syringes or eyedroppers at most pharmacies vets offices and pet stores.

Get your baby rabbit and you're supposed to use a damp cotton wool ball or tissue paper and stroke the genital areas of the baby rabbit. the hardest part is getting the syringe in its mouth. 

what you can do now is just pump a little bit of the milk out of the end. just to get a droplet place it on the rabbit's mouth. now the baby will sense the milk and open the mouth for feeding. you've gently got to prise the mouth open ideally from the side. 

Because the teeth are at the front. once opened just put a couple of droplets in at a time you should not put too much milk. because there is a chance that you can actually kill the baby by drowning it. you may fill up the lungs. 

So be very careful while feeding a baby rabbit. once the syringe is in the mouth you just have to push the plunger down slightly. give it a little break before doing the next one.

After feeding them you have just washed off of the milk just by using a wet towel.


I hope this post will be helpful for those who have baby rabbits and you will get some idea about What to feed baby rabbits without a mother and how often to feed baby rabbits.
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