What temperature should water be for betta fish

Today we are going to talk about water temperature for betta fish especially What temperature should water be for betta fish. for starters a little bit of explanation betta fish like all others.

Fish are cold-blooded animals which means the environment that they're in the temperature affects their body temperature. if it's hot their body's hot if it's cold their body's cold. they cannot warm themselves up they cannot cool themselves down. they cannot regulate temperatures like we do.

They depend on us. as fish, keepers to try to provide the best temperature possible.

What temperature water do betta fish like

So the best temperature range as per my notes would be between 78 degrees Fahrenheit and 84 degrees Fahrenheit if you stay within this range it is great if your temperature kind of fluctuates a little bit between those as long as the change is slow and gradual it's okay.

Big quick changes in temperature can lead to immune system stress and ultimately can kill fish.

So slow changes are okay now within that temperature range. perfect temperature and that would be 82 degrees Fahrenheit which would be uh 28 degrees celsius. You may live in a country where there's a lot of heat and even with you trying to cool things down. your fish room will get kind of toasty.

Temperatures will rise there are a couple degrees where it can get hotter than the recommended amount. if you have a community tank and there are other critters in there.

Check what temperatures they can tolerate because keep in mind that hotter temperatures mean that there's going to be less oxygen in the water. Bettas have a labyrinth organ .they are built to handle hotter temperatures. so a couple of degrees more might be okay.

So besides the particular range, I would recommend you stay in. if it goes up to about 88 degrees Fahrenheit. A few days or a few weeks out of the year it should be okay.

But it's not perfect, so there is gonna be a little stress that might start to happen to your fish. still fine where you don't necessarily have to panic and cool down your tank right away.

Use Cooling fan betta fish on Tank

Now the temperature passed 88 degrees, you should really start to intervene. incase have other critters and it's a community tank you may have to intervene a little earlier to cool your tank if past 88 degrees.

I think you should try to particularly use a fan to blow on the top of the surface of your tank. this will allow you to very slowly cool your tank.

You don't want to cool your tank too quickly because big changes in temperature is what stresses and kills fish. that's why we temperature acclimate our fish when we add them to the new tank.

You have to avoid these temperature jumps .so gradual changes are will be fine. but these big changes that happen all the time is what causes a lot of stress.

Betta fish can survive past 88?

To the best of my ability, it's only until roughly 110 degrees bettas do start dying.  but just because they can tolerate and survive in the 90s and even 100 degrees Fahrenheit does not mean it's good for them at all.

There is going to be damage that will start to happen and going to stress your fish a lot. 

so generally we want to avoid these hot temperatures. even though a fish can survive a particular temperature, does not mean the fish is thriving or happy or comfortable.   

Keep your betta fish Tank closed

Let's say you may have tank at 82 degrees but you like it at 69 degrees.69 degrees and 82 degrees is kind of a jump in temperature. so what happens is as your fish will go up to the surface to breathe air which they naturally do because of their labyrinth organ. so one solution for that is to have a lid on your tank which will create this barrier of warmer more humid water. that's why a lot of breeders will actually put saran wrap on their breeding tanks. because as they crank up their temperature they like to keep it a little warmer between you know 80 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit for their spawning tanks.

little baby fish develop their labyrinth organs as they come up to the surface to breathe. want to really make sure that the temperature is very similar and doing that really creates a good environment. it also makes it more humid for them which is also helpful in the development of their labyrinth organ as well

Don't worry if you usually keep your tank at 78 and maybe it's really hot where you are.


I hope you have got an idea about what temperature does a betta need. Try to keep your fish at the optimum temperature as mentioned earlier. Let me know your thoughts and valuable suggestions in the comment box below.

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