How often should you feed a betta fish

The questions I am often getting are how often to feed a betta fish and how much to feed a betta fish. I'm going to be sharing today are based off on my personal experience what is worked for me.

How often should you feed a betta fish?

I recommend feeding your betta once a day, twice a day will be fine. But do not overfeed them. This can lead to digestive problems. You have to stay consistent in feed time. so that your betta fish know when the food is coming to them once a day every morning as soon as the light turns on for your betta fish's tank.

How much should you feed a betta fish?

First, you need to find the maximum food that betta fish can eat in a single session. So you will not feed too much at once. you can feed five to eight pellets per day and then you can also feed Fluval bug bites. you can increase 1-2 pellets every week. it is really important for you to understand your betta fish's physiological baseline in terms of activity levels weight interest.

Factors to be Considered

There are Specific factors that you need to consider when deciding how much and how often you should feed your betta fish. so I think there are going to be six general factors that you should consider as you're deciding your feeding plan for your betta fish.

1. Activity level

The first factor is your betta fish's activity level some can be pretty slow pretty nonchalant they like to stick to their favorite corner in that tank whereas some betta fish are pretty active where they're constantly moving throughout the tank

They're zigzagging here and there and of course, if you have an active betta fish he or she is more likely to need more food compared to that betta fish that likes to relax and chill all the time 

2. Size of your betta fish

The size of your betta fish goes without saying the bigger beta fish at baseline the more they probably need to eat. so I'm not talking about obese beta fish but I'm talking more so like a giant or king beta fish.

3. Temperature of your tank

You need to consider is the temperature of your tank. so if your tank is not in ideal temperatures, like colder than 78 degrees Fahrenheit. then you're effectively decreasing the metabolism of your beta fish. slower metabolism means that they need less food because they can't digest it as easily. so you should always keep the tank's temperature in the ideal range.

4. Size of the food

The size of the food that you're feeding your betta fish is one of the issues that I see often .you cant feed your betta fish without knowing specific information about foods that come in different sizes shapes caloric densities .so keep that all in mind as you're doing your research.

5. Stomach size

The fifth factor that I like to consider is the short-term impact on your betta fish's stomach. we can identify easily whether a betta fish is full or not. if the stomach is slightly rounded but again not bloated, it's pretty obvious their stomach is busting. whereas if a stomach is rounded and just slightly protruding then you could make out the shape of it. but have to avoid making your fish bloated. which can lead to a number of different digestive problems.

6. weight 

I would consider is the long-term impact of your betta fish's weight so this is different from factor two. here I talked about the general size of your betta fish in factor

What can you feed a betta fish

I have listed some best betta fish food.

1. Frozen bloodworms

So first we should know that betta fish are hardcore carnivores. they would eat lots of insects with consist of a lot of meaty. I can recommend is frozen bloodworms.

but you can't only feed frozen is my opinion to have variety like two or three foods. you have to rotate through them so that they will get all the required vitamins and they don't become relying on just one thing that can be a little bit dangerous

2. Live blackworms

You can live black worms or you can feed mosquito larvae or something like that would be fine. blackworms are the true aquatic worm. they can live in your fish tank.

they will live in the gravel and your betta will hunt it. so these are great if you're going on vacation for like a week or four days. you can put a portion of live blackworms in the tank and they will live there. then your bettas can hunt and eat them. just make sure you're getting a good clean source from your local fish store live foods shouldn't stink or look dirty. they should be just worms and as the side fed that came right out of our fridge.

3. Betta pellets

Betta likes this type of food and this consists of vital nutrition. you have to buy this from the market. which comes in a small enough container. if you own one betta fish. this food won't go super stale before you feed it. a lot of people buy a big container and then they've been feeding their betta for 2-3 years with it.

4. Freeze-dried foods

The good thing about the freeze-dried is they float on top. So you betta will go up and eat them and you can portion control very easily. freeze-dried blood worms and brine shrimp would both be good ones.

5. Dry pellets

you can feed not only betta but also any other community fish. such as tetra fish, angelfish, and the like. your betta will love this food so much.

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