How to set up and clean a rabbit litter box


Welcome back today I'm gonna go over how to set up and clean a rabbit litter box. this is a very important topic as how you set up your litter box will ultimately dictate your rabbit's bathroom habits. so we like to use a covered litter box basically.

Because I prefer having a little more discretion and not having linens waste out in the open especially when guests come over. it also simulates a little hidey house which rabbits enjoy in addition the high sides really help reduce hey spillage. some people may ask about the size of rabbit litter. Nonetheless, you can use any rectangle-shaped litter box that allows your rabbits the space for a 360-degree turn.

How often should clean the rabbit litter box?

Now, how do you know when it's time to clean out your rabbit's litter box. well, my rule of thumb is about every two days. but of course, if you have more than one bunny that can vary. normally the litter box will start to feel heavy. because the urine and pellets will weigh it down. 

it'll also start to get a little smelly, the letter will be fully absorbed and you might notice the hey looking a little limp or depleted. As many of you know I like to line the litter box with a pee pad so I'm able to just roll it up and toss it. 

How to clean rabbit litter box

Now if the litter box isn't that dirty and normally with the pee pad it's not I can just take a damp cloth, wipe it down, maybe even spray a little vinegar or pet-friendly sanitizer.

if the litter box is very dirty, that's when I do a deep cleaning. which just consists of using some dish soap hot water and scrubbing it down with a sponge. this might occur maybe once a month or once every two months. 

Now here's a little trick for really stubborn stains or residue. just add a little baking soda and apple cider vinegar and let them get to work. soak for about 15 minutes then scrub away with a scouring pad. but I promise you guys if you just line your litter boxes you won't get a lot of residues.

How to set up a rabbit litter box

So there are a few options for liners these little brown bags from the grocery store work amazing and it's a great way to reuse them. you can also use a newspaper and then my personal favorite is the doggie pee pad. bear in mind that some rabbits might be inclined to chew these pee pads. so I find it very important to trim off the plastic borders or fold them down. 

As far as litter or bedding goes there are quite a few options out there as well but it mostly boils down to paper-based or wood-based.

They can come in large or small crumbles or pellets or clusters. you ultimately just want something absorbent not dusty and comfortable for your rabbit's feet. Never ever use clay cat litter. as you don't want your rabbit accidentally ingesting that. 

I recommend using paper-based absorbent. I like to keep our litter and a storage container with a cup so I can just scoop out the amount that I need. then I just pour it in and Pat it down nice and evenly. I normally just put it down on the side that Lennon does her business and fill the other side with hay. 

Why hay in the rabbit litter box?

Remember guys hay is 80% of a rabbit's diet. so you really want to fill the litter box to the brim with hay. as your rabbit is gonna be spending a lot of time in there.

A lot of people also ask about hay feeders and while some feeders if big enough are okay. the fact of the matter is rabbits much like cows and horses need to graze. in order to keep their digestive tract moving. therefore I find it easiest to just place the hay in the litter box to encourage that activity. No rabbits will not eat soiled hay. they are much smarter than that.

Some tips

I also like to place a mat under the litter box so it does not glide around and gives Lenin some friction when hopping in and out. now some people don't use letter or liner at all and just use hay. which is also acceptable. but your litter box is going to get worn down a lot more quickly than if you would just protect it with some kind of absorbent. 

The other advantage to lining your letterbox is that you'll be able to notice if your rabbit's urine is unusual and you can even take it to your vet as evidence. I also like to wipe down our lid just to get rid of any dust or hay that may have fallen on there.


I hope you will get some idea about How to set up and clean a rabbit litter box. Leave your comments and suggestion below in the comment box.
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