How to trim rabbit nails at home

Today, we going to see How to trim rabbit nails at home by yourself. Clipping Rabbit's Nails is a little difficult task. you should be very careful while doing it. Let us see how to do it.

How often cut rabbit nails

It is really important to trim your rabbit's nails regularly. because they do tend to get too long out in nature wild. rabbits are running around they're digging and so they naturally keep their nails nice and short but pet rabbits are usually not as active as wild rabbits so their nails grow too long and you have to trim them.
I Would recommend trimming your rabbit's nails once every two weeks.

How to trim rabbit nails by yourself

Before your start to clip your rabbit's nail, you need to make ready the below things.

1. Nail Clipper

What you're gonna need when you trim your rabbit's nails is of course first a nail Clipper. but you're gonna need a pet nail Clipperor a cat nail Clipper. because rabbit's nails are actually circular. so if you use nail clippers for humans, they actually have flat nails so it's actually going to crush and damage your rabbit's nails. 

2. Flashlight 

So the second thing you need is a flashlight so the flashlight helps you see where their nail is and makes it more visible and also it actually lets you see through their nails so you can see the quick. so the quick is a nerve ending in their nails if you cut them it will bleed and that's not very good. it's very painful for them. so be careful and try not to cut too close to it. 

3. Towel 

Another thing you're going to need is a towel or a blanket to cover the surface. because rabbits feel uncomfortable when they have no traction on their feet and a soft surface would help them feel more comfortable up there.

4. High surface

The last thing you're going to need is a high surface or a table. where they won't be able to jump off of the high surface. just like allows them not to jump off of it but supervise them. because they might still try to jump and seriously injure themselves.

How to Start Clipping Rabbit's Nails

The first thing to know is rabbits have five nails in their front paws and only four in their back paws. they have four nails and then one dewclaw underneath. I usually start with their paws that are away from my body. I try not to lift up their paws too high. because they get a bit panicky. when you do that, especially with their back feet

How to hold a rabbit to trim its nails

They always panic when their hind feet aren't on the ground. so make sure you don't lift it up too high and they should be quite fine with that. with the paws that are closest to my body, it's easier for me to see when you lift up the upper half of their body. you can see their foot that's closest to your body and the paw that is closest to my body as well.

Then you need to put the flashlight underneath. so you can see everything well and do it as quickly as possible the way.

I don't know if any of you have seen the vet do it as well but in my vet when they lift up the bunnies. they usually cover their heads when they're taking them to different rooms. because apparently, it calms them down. 

when I do their back paws it's easier for me to kind of cover their face with one of my elbows and then go for their back palm because they're a bit more sensitive with their hind legs. 

Some Tips

1. Make sure you have a lot of treats on hand and give your rabbit. it helps to feel more comfortable. help them feel more comfortable. 

2. Another tip is to do it as quickly as possible. because you can see that they have very stressed out behaviors like they have wide eyes they have rapid breathing so try to do it really quickly and have to be a lot safer.

3. if you're too scared to get too close to their quick. it's all right to just cut the tip of their nails. which is what I do. Because, your rabbit may jump sometimes. it can cause severe injury.

How to treat a bleeding rabbit nail

In case if have accidentally cut the quick of your rabbit it will lead to bleeding.
you feel really bad for doing it. so I thought I would just share with you a few tips on how to stop it bleeding. if you do accidentally get the quick. Now the best thing to do is to have one of these given below

Styptic pencils 

These are used for shaving, insect bites, and stings on humans. and it helps the blood to clot and stops the bleeding instantly. I had to get this one from the chemist. a lot of people said I can get them from supermarkets. but I haven't been able to find mine anywhere in supermarkets.

Dry cloth

There are other things you can try if it's not a big injury. if you haven't cut to the quick too deep and it's just a little nick, you can try using a clean dry cloth and just pressing it onto the nail for a good two to three minutes. if your pet will stay still that long and that pressure might just help to stop the bleeding.


Another thing you can do is can dip the nail into the cornflour. which will help to stop bleeding. step it into that for a few seconds and see how that goes.

Bar of soap

You can get a clean bar of soap. then you just press the nail into that and that sort of coat at the end of the nail and that can stop it bleeding as well.

so it's not too big a deal when you cut the nail the only thing you need to be careful if bleeding a lot. if it's like pumping blood or if it just won't stop that can be a little bit worrying. I recommend you contact your vet in this case.

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