How many hours does a kitten sleep a day


Today we are going to see How many hours does a kitten sleep a day. Kitten's sleeping time is related to their age.

How many hours does a kitten sleep a day

Kittens are known to sleep for 18-20 hours in every 24 hour period. That is because they are newborns and need time to stay awake, eat, drink and play. After that the frequency of their sleep decreases significantly within their first months of life. They will start sleeping for shorter periods of time once they become adults (6-10 hours). 

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However, kittens will usually take more naps during the day than adult cats. This is because adult cats tend to sleep for a longer period of time at night. So, if you have a kitten, don't worry too much if they are sleeping all the time! They are just doing what comes naturally to them. And as they grow, they will start becoming more active, which is great!

A healthy 6-month old cat will sleep an average of 15 hours per day, while adult cats will sleep about 12 to 14 hours on average. Senior cats may only sleep 10-12 hours per day. Just like with people, cats have different sleep needs based on their age and health.

How to get kitten to sleep at night

  • There are a few different things you can do to help get your kitten to sleep at night. One of the best ways is to create a routine for them and stick to it as closely as possible. gradually adjust their bedtime so they learn that it's time to sleep when the clock says so.
  • Another thing you can do is make their sleeping area comfortable and quiet. Choose a spot in your home that's dark and free of distractions. You might also want to install a fan or noise machine to help block out any outside noises that could disrupt their sleep.
  • Finally, make sure your kitten is getting enough exercise during the day. A tired kitten is more likely to sleep through the night. Play with them using a variety of toys, and take them on walks around the house or yard.

    Is it normal for kitten to sleep all day ?

      It's perfectly normal for kittens to sleep all day. Kittens are still growing and developing, so they need plenty of rest. They'll start to become more active as they grow older. In the meantime, enjoy those cuddly kitty naps. 

      Why kitten twitches in sleep

      One of the most common things that people notice when their kitten is sleeping is that they twitch. This can be quite alarming to new kitten owners, but it is actually a perfectly normal activity for kittens during sleep. In fact, kittens twitch in their sleep quite a bit. There are several reasons why kittens twitch in their sleep, and we will explore some of them in this article.


      One reason why kittens twitch in their sleep is that they are dreaming. Just like people, kittens dream about the things that they experience during the day. Dreams can be quite exciting for kittens and can cause them to twitch or even move around in their sleep.

      Hunting skills

      Another reason why kittens twitch in their sleep is to help with their hunting skills. During sleep, kittens sometimes perform the movements that they would during a real hunt. This can be especially true for cats that do creative activities in their sleep such as bats or playing with imaginary objects.

      Excess energy

      Kittens also twitch in their sleep sometimes because of excess energy. If a kitten has been playing hard during the day, they may not be able to completely relax during sleep. This can sometimes cause them to twitch in their sleep as a way of releasing some of that excess energy.

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      Whatever the reason may be, it is perfectly normal for kittens to twitch in their sleep. If you are worried about your kitten’s twitching, just be sure to watch them closely and make sure that they are not having any other abnormal symptoms. With time, you will start to understand why your kitten is twitching in their sleep and it will no longer be a cause for concern.

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