How to calm down a kitten


Today we going to see how to calm down a kitten if they are hyperactive. While kittens do sleep a lot. when they are active. they're usually hyperactive because they're learning and experiencing new things every day. 

A kitten might get scared or nervous of something they've never seen or heard before. a kitten may also get excited by simple things like being petted or picked up. which can result in unwanted behavior like biting or scratching try one of the following methods to calm down an excited or nervous kitten.

1. Tire your kitten out with playtime

Take the time to play it with your kitten every day, multiple times a day. if possible schedule some playtime a couple of hours before you plan to go to bed and use that playtime too tired or tuck her out of your kitten. if you finish playing with your kitten and find that she's still in the mood to play direct her attention to a toy instead allow her to continue to prepare for sleep herself with a toy. some toys to consider our furry mice cat balls with or without bells feathers hanging on a string from a doorknob etc.

Using a toy that is attached to a string at the end of the pole like a fishing rod is a great way to get your kitten to have a really active play session without requiring you to run around. as well you can stay in one place and use the pole to make your kitten run and jump all around you. your hands are safe from harm too!

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2. Implement a cool-down period at the end of playtime

Near the end of playtime with your kitten use slower and gentler movements to encourage your kitten to slow down. don't suddenly stop playing with your kitten in the middle of a really active play session. stopping suddenly when your kitten is still really playful isn't going to stop her from playing it may cause your kitten to start chasing after you or attacking you. because you are still moving around if you are playing with a specific toy during the play session. allow your kitten to catch the toy at the end of playtime. 

3. Select special toys to use during playtime 

Playtime with your kitten should be considered a special time of the day. select certain toys that you only want to use during playtime. when it's not playtime put those special toys away. after a few play periods, your kitten will learn which toys are specifically for playtime and when she sees them being taken out she'll get excited. your kitten should always have some toys available to her to play with at all times of the day. however, you might want to hide toys that make a lot of noise, for example, those made with hard plastic or those that have bells or sounds before you go to bed at night.

4. Feed your cat right after playtime

A cat's natural behavior is to eat then clean herself then go to sleep. you've already tired your kitten out with playtime. so feed right afterward. your kitten will likely complete her natural cycle by going to clean herself up and then having a nap.

5. Get your kitten to work for her food

Instead of leaving food out for your kitten all the time, have your kitten work for her food. there are many commercial products you can buy specifically for hiding food from your kitten. then has to work to find and remove the food from the toy in order to eat it. you can also make food puzzles for your kitten with cardboard boxes or other items look for specific ideas on the Internet making your kitten work to get to her food will also help to tire her out this is especially helpful at the end of the day when you're near bedtime.

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6. Make a startling sound to make your kitten pause

if your kitten is really hyper or playfully attacking you and you need to encourage her to stop consider making a sudden noise that will startle your kitten. the purpose of the noise isn't to scare your kitten but rather to make her pause long enough to reassess the situation.

7. Stop playing with your kitten if she gets too rough

if your kitten starts to play too rough either during playtime or on her own stop giving your kitten attention. do not encourage their behavior by continuing to give your kitten attention. instead by ignoring your kitten, you're sending a signal that this behavior is inappropriate and you will not pay attention to such behavior.

8. Adopt kittens in pairs

The best playmate for a kitten is another kitten. kittens adopted together especially if they're from the same litter can grow up to have a closer relationship with each other as kittens. they'll play with each other and tire each other out they'll also teach each other when certain behaviors are inappropriate.

I hope this post will be helpful in calming down a kitten. Because some kitten owners are restless all night. they may ask when will my kitten calm down. the above steps will be useful to you guys!

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