How to feed a kitten with bottle

Today I am going to tell you how to bottle feed a kitten. some people may not know how to bottle feed for these kittens are about three weeks old. so they're eating approximately kittens will let you know when they're hungry. you'll hear shrieks. first, you should know the required supplies for the kitten.

Kitten Feeding Supplies

  • Gloves
  • Baby bottle
  • Formula
  • Warm water
  • Shaker bottle
  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Heating pad
  • Pet Wipes


  • Never feed something that the kitten cannot digest
  • Never give a kitten cow's milk condensed milk, soy milk, or other milk substitutes.

How bottle and Nipple should be?

Take a kitten bottle and extra nipples. Most nipples are not cut Already, which means you have to cut a hole in them yourself. The preferred method is the custom nipple at an angle. So only a small hole is visible. It is important to cut a hole correctly because it will determine the flow of formula when the kitten is bottle-fed.

Keep your kitten Warm

It's really important that the babies are warm before you start to feed them. warm kittens can't really regulate their body temperature till about five to six weeks. one thing I always keep in the house is a heating pad and I cover it with soft blankets. now let's say you don't have a heating pad, you can take a water bottle put hot water in it, and stick it underneath some blankets.

Feeding your kitten is not safe if the kitten feels cold to the touch or has a temperature of 95 degrees or less. Focus on gradually raising her temperature before trying to feed.


The first thing you do is you need your formula, you need to mix the formula and hot water 2:5 ratio. we have to stir it up so there are no lumps use warm water. so that it has the temperature that the mother's milk would be. now it will be ready to pour into the baby bottle.

Feeding Position

Find a comfortable place to put the may be your lap or desk. The kitten should lie down comfortably or sit and its stomach towards the floor.

If you have your bottle done you grab your kitten. initially, they don't really understand the bottle. so put your hands next to their mouth so they can get the suction. once they get the suction you can let go and just let them continue to eat.

When they're nursing on the mom they're pushing at her nipples, so sometimes when they're on the bottle they do the same. once your kitten done it . we just need to wipe his little face.


I hope you have an idea about how to feed a kitten with a bottle. Let us know your thoughts and feedback below.
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