When to start potty training puppies - Ultimate Guide


Today we're going to teach you exactly how to teach your puppy to go potty outside and so they stop having accidents indoors. potty training may be a frustrating process. because sometimes your puppy ruins your favorite carpet or floor or bedsheets or any other place in your home.

When to start potty training

Potty training a puppy can be as difficult as training a baby. On the first day, you bring the puppy to your home, you have to introduce the sleeping area and then take them outside to the place where you want them to go potty. you have to let your puppy roam and explore all.

1. Consistency

2. Patience

3. Positive Reinforcement

Typically a puppy takes four to five months to get full house trained but some end up learning very quick within one to two months and most importantly don't lose hope.

if there are setbacks just keep training as long as you'll maintain consistency with patients he'll learn more quickly so let's introduce you to the five steps that are 100 effective solve the potty problem.

1. Fix their feeding schedule

According to the age of your puppy and health requirement make a schedule of its mealtime. which needs to be followed regularly keep your puppy on that regular feeding schedule and take away their food bowl between meals because it will encourage unnecessary eating which will result in potty accidents

2. Take them out

You have to take your puppy outside in the morning once they wake up.in addition, take them out every 30 minutes in an hour. also consider the below as well.

  • After they had food
  • After they play
  • After they nap

3. Spot

Take them to the same spot you might have noticed that your puppy pooped or peed on the same spot inside the house where he did a day before that's because of the scent. so take your puppy out on the same spot and say potty or poop which is your verbal marker and his scent will prompt him to go the scent and verbal marker will help to develop a pattern and an associated permanent memory in his brain that this place is where he has to poop and pee.

4. Stay with them

Stay with them take your puppy out and stay there do not leave him out there alone to do his business until he is fully house trained and while you're out don't move much or engage with your puppy as he will think it's playtime stand still and make your puppy bored this will leave no other option to him other than pooping. 

5. Reward them

Reward them each time he poops outside puppies love the affection and care you show to them so this is a very vital step to reinforce them positively. when your puppy eliminates outside praise him in a soft tone. you can keep a small bag filled with his favorite treats that you can carry with you every time you take him out. 

Potty training tips for puppy

We'll also like to draw your attention to the do's and don'ts in potty training your puppy 

1. don't punish your puppy for having an accident it teaches him to fear.

2. you can clap loudly or make a noise like ah or hey to interrupt him if they are about to for potty. after that take him outside by calling or picking him.

when he is finished praise him or give him a small treat

3. don't react angrily to puppies. because they aren't intellectually capable of connecting your anger with their accident.

4. Take out your puppy often and try to stay outside longer he may need the extra time to explore this will help to curb the accidents

5. clean up accidents with an enzymatic cleanser rather than an ammonia-based cleaner to minimize odors that might attract the puppy back to the same spot 

How to train your puppy to poop on command

You can actually teach your dog to eliminate on your command and it will be much easier if you followed the below steps.

You have to take your dog for a walk at that time when they will likely have to potty like after eating or when they haven't been out for a while.

Your dog squats and starts to go say whatever you decide your command will be you've caught your dog right as they're starting to relieve themselves and you are simply labeling the behavior praise them and give them a treat repeat this pattern and command for a number of days.

So your dog will begin to make the connection between the command and the action of going to the bathroom after a few days the dog will hold onto his toilet in order to spend it on command in return for a treat and make sure to teach them two separate cues for go pee and go poo as they are two different actions.

Also note, they cant eliminate instantly in a short walk. before their bodies are ready to evacuate, Go potty is not an instantaneous command. it's a request.

Lastly, remember that mistakes happen a few accidents in the house is a normal part of house training.


In case of a body accident clean the soiled area thoroughly. try to use products designed to eliminate pet odors. Because your dog has a very powerful nose and is highly motivated to continue soiling in areas that smell like urine or feces. if you ever catch your pup pottying in the house interrupt them without being too harsh and take them to their bathroom spot to finish.

I hope this post will be helpful to potty train your puppies. Pease leave your comment and suggesstion below.

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