Why betta fish stays at bottom of tank

Today we are going to see Why betta fish stays at bottom of the tank. This is normal for a betta fish. They like to stay on the floor and not at the surface so they won't be caught by their predators such as guppies, turtles, and other slow-moving or non-active types of freshwater fish.

While it's normal for a betta to stay at the bottom of the tank, you should still observe them regularly to make sure they're eating and behaving normally. If your betta fish is not eating or has developed other health problems, take them to a vet right away.

Here are some reasons why betta fish stays at bottom of the tank.

Why betta fish stays at bottom of the tank

1. Betta fish is a known as "fighter" in their native countries, thus they commonly fight each other for dominance and territory. Betta fish will attack any living thing that enters its territory, even its owner! Therefore it's important to keep them in solitary confinement, particularly the males of the species.

2. Bettas love to stay on the bottom of the tank because they like it there and feel very comfortable with that kind of environment.

3. The truth is Bettas don't really need an aquarium as their natural habitat is just a small puddle in Thailand where they live and feed off the surface of the water. So in the wild, they don't really swim around a lot.

4. Betta fish are natural scavengers and will eat anything that falls to the bottom of their tank, including dead fish or plant material. So if you have other fish in your tank, Bettas can help keep the tank clean by eating any dead material.

5. Betta fish are very shy and nervous by nature and feel safer staying at the bottom of their tank where they can't be seen as easily by predators or other fish in the tank.

6. Some people believe that Bettas swim to the bottom of the tank to conserve energy since they don't have to use as much energy to swim in the water. This gives them more strength and energy for eating and fighting.

7. Betta fish don't like bright lights, so if you want your Betta to go to the bottom of the tank turn off any big lights over the top of the tank to make it a little darker. If there is sunlight beaming into the tank from a window, you may also want to cover the window with a towel or shade during parts of the day.

8. In some cases Betta fish may suddenly start staying at the bottom of their aquarium because they are ill and not feeling well. It's important that if your Betta fish seems lethargic and refuses to swim around, you take it to a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.


So there are several reasons why your Betta fish may be staying at the bottom of its tank. As long as you provide a healthy and comfortable environment for your Betta, it should be happy and thrive in its home. Thanks for reading!

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