Why do my cat follow me everywhere

Cats are one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. They are also very curious and love to explore. It's natural for them to wander off on their own little adventures every once in a while, but oftentimes they will follow their favorite human around out of curiosity or boredom. A cat can be very social and is often attracted to playing and interacting with its favorite people.

Why does your cat want to follow you everywhere?

1. Curiosity

It is in a cat's nature to be curious about everything they see. Whether it is on the ground, on top of your dresser, or even on the other side of an open door, cats will oftentimes want to follow along and see what is there. If you are wearing bright colors or have something that wiggles on your feet, it will often be something that your cat can't ignore.

2. Out of Boredom

Cats are also curious because they simply get bored and need to find things to do throughout the day. You may notice your cat following you around or looking for you if you've been gone for a little while and just happen to be back.

3. Linked to Your Smell 

Cats also love to be around their favorite humans because they are linked together by smell. When you bring your cat home, the first thing it will do is sniff out your scent to figure out who you are and where you come from. This is also how cats leave markings in the house or on your bed for you to notice that they were there even if they didn't get to say hi.

4. Linked to Their Toys 

Cats can be very playful and will often want to play with their toys when they are around their favorite humans. They may also try to interact with the toy in order to get a response from you which will make them try to play more.

5. Linked to Their Food 

Cats are usually fed at specific times during the day and will often follow their favorite human around just in case they may have some food or treats that could be scraped off of a plate or from the garbage can. It is also common for this to happen if you are having a snack of some kind.

6. Hunger 

Hunger is yet another reason why your cat may follow you everywhere because they will often time notice if there is food on the way. If you have been shopping, you may find your feline friend following along to see what kind of goodies they can get from the grocery bags or from your cabinet.

7. Warmth 

Cats love to be around their favorite humans because they are linked together by warmth. You may notice your cat napping next to you on the couch or even trying to snuggle with you in bed at night if it's cold outside. When it's summer, cats will also often try to seek out shade underneath your legs so that they can stay cool.

8. Protection 

Cats are very intelligent and smart creatures which is why they will follow their favorite human around if they feel threatened or need something dangerous to be avoided. You may notice this happening if there are fireworks outside or even a large storm approaching. The cat may also show up at your room in the middle of the night if there is a stranger trying to break into your house.

9. Shelter 

Cats will often follow their favorite human around for any form of shelter that may be available. They don't like to feel locked up or caged in place which is why they would rather be able to roam free and find their own shelter if necessary.

10. A Sense of Security

Cats are also curious about the world around them which is why they may follow their favorite human anywhere in order to get a sense of security or safety that can be provided by you. You may notice this if there are new sounds, people or animals that are coming into your home. Your cat will become anxious or nervous, but don't worry because this isn't an act of aggression. It's actually the opposite which is why you will find them by your side if it happens to be in a dangerous situation.

11. Following Human Routines 

This may not be very common for all cats, but there are some that will follow their favorite human around if they have a certain routine or schedule that happens at specific times. You may notice this happening if you work from home and your cat is used to seeing you in a certain spot on the couch, but one day you decide to sit somewhere else instead. The cat may follow you around until it gets used to where you are sitting throughout the day.

12. Leaving Their Mark on You 

Ever wonder why your cat rubs up against you or sniffs out your clothes? It's because they are leaving their mark of approval on you which is another way of letting you know that they like you and consider you to be one of the family. This is also how cats mark their territory which is why it's so important to be gentle and reassuring when you pet them and show them, love. They will be able to sense that you are a friend and not an enemy which will make them feel so much safer.

13 . Retrieving Objects

Ever wonder why your cat brings toys back to you? It's because they are trying to play with you which is the most common reason for this behavior. They may pick up a mouse or ball in their mouths and then bring it over to your feet so they can play together. You will also find that they are more relaxed this way because when they roam around the house, they feel like detectives searching for clues of danger instead of being able to relax in one spot.


These are just some of the theories of why cats follow their favorite humans around. They don't do it for many reasons, but they usually do it to get attention, protection, shelter, and warmth from you instead. If you notice your feline friend following you around constantly then that is not something that should be upsetting or annoying. It's actually quite normal and it's how they try to communicate with you.

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