Why does a cat scratch itch

Cats are great pets and they give warmth to the family. But sometimes, itchy cats bother you with their frequent scratching behavior. The reasons for this vary from cat to cat; there are cats that scratch because of allergies or due to intense itching caused by parasites like worms. In this article, you will learn why a cat scratches and what should be done to prevent this behavior.

Why does a cat scratch itch

1. Parasites

Intense scratching due to parasites like worms may be the reason why your cat scratches intensely and frequently. If you notice that your pet is doing this, make an appointment with a veterinarian for testing and to diagnose the type of parasite it has. After identifying the type of parasite, you can then follow up by using effective treatments that will help your cat fight the parasite.

2. Allergies

Cats with allergies scratch more often and cause a lot of damage to themselves because they can't control their behavior when an allergen affects them. The allergen may be a person, a specific type of food, or even dust particles present in the house.

3. Boredom

If your cat doesn't get enough playtime and they don't have any toys to wrestle with, this often leads to boredom. Bored cats may start scratching on furniture or even on your body if you cuddle them. To prevent this from happening, always make sure that the cat has lots of toys and it is never left alone for a long time.

4. Territorial behavior

Cats have a tendency to scratch whenever they want something, especially when they are feeling threatened by another cat or dog. They do so as territorial marking to express their dominance over the other animals present. It is recommended that you keep your cat separated from other animals if it doesn't get along with them as scratching can also be a sign of anger.

5. Illness

Cats may scratch because their paws are hurting and this is the only way they know how to express it. This usually occurs when cats have arthritis or other joint problems, and the only way they can let you know about their pain is by scratching.

6. Stress or anxiety

Cats may also scratch if they're stressed out because scratching is a form of stress relief to them. If you know that something is bothering your cats, such as a new pet in the house or any other changes in their daily activities, make sure to take note of it so you can help them cope with it.

7. Massage

When you pet your cat, they will often respond to it by touching the area that is being massaged with their paws. This is because cats like getting their heads rubbed and scratched, just as humans do. If you want to stop your cat from scratching on areas other than where you plan to massage them, you can use a scratching post to divert their attention.

How to Prevent cat scratch itch

1. Early treatment and home care work best to treat cat scratches. If you start acting right away, your kitten will heal faster and not become as sick. But, remember! Do NOT touch the area with your bare hands or your germs can spread and make things worse. Wash hands with soap and water before touching them.

2. A cat scratch is a wound caused by your kitten's sharp claws. Trim your kitten's nails regularly. If you keep his claws short, he won't be able to scratch as far down into the skin and cause those deep cat scratches that are hard to heal.

3. Fresh, clean water will take the dirt and other germs out of your kitten's scratches. You can also apply antibiotic ointment to help prevent infections. An infection may not be too serious if caught early, but any cat scratch that gets infected can be VERY serious.

4. If the kitten has an eye scratch, flush it with clean water right away to keep out dirt and bacteria. Then take your kitten to the vet.

5. Use a cold compress on any swelling or pain. (Make one by soaking a washcloth in ice water and holding it against the scratched area for a minute or two.

6. The most important thing you can do is keep your pet indoors! Cats that stay inside are much less likely to be scratched because they're not playing with other animals. Also, that cuts down on the chances of catching a disease


Keep these tips in mind so that you can deal with possible reasons why your cat scratches frequently. Make sure that they are comfortable and have everything they need at home, including enough toys and playtime, to prevent boredom from causing them to scratch. Also, make sure they are kept safe and healthy by visiting a veterinarian regularly and using the best cat products to meet their needs.

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