How do you know that your cat loves you

How do you know that your cat loves you

There are so many things that people do to show their love for one another, but when it comes to animals, there is no clear answer. How can you tell whether or not your cat loves you? It is said that they express affection in different ways than humans do, however that does not always mean they do not feel the same emotions.

How do you know that your cat loves you

1. Kneading

When a cat kneads you, it means that he is showing his love and care for you. The action of rubbing their paws on a person or object is called kneading. This behavior can be seen when the feline is happy, relaxed, and content at the moment.

2. Head bunting

This behavior is also a common sign of love and affection that a cat shows to its favorite person. The cat will literally rub his head against a person's body or face, slowly and gently.

3. Bringing you "presents"

A cat is not only showing affection through head-bunting but he also brings presents to its owner as a token of love. A house cat may bring dead animals like lizards or birds to their owners as presents. This is said to be the cat's way of showing affection for you. Some cats will only give the "gift" after they have played with it so check your couch often!

4. Grooming You

A cat may groom you as a sign of affection. If your cat licks you, especially if it's around the mouth area, he is showing that he loves and cares for you. Some cats may also nibble to show their love.

5. Following You

Cats like spending time with their owners and will follow them around the house or even outside. They like to be near the person they love and feel safe when he (or she) is close by.

How do you know that your cat loves you

6. Chirping

This sound that your cat makes is usually one of happiness, contentment or excitement because he feels loved at that particular moment. A purring cat means a happy cat overall, but the chirping sound that other cats make is to signal their owner that they are really happy at that moment.

7. Playing

A cat loves the person who will play with him, so when your cat brings you a toy and starts playing, this may be his way of telling you he loves and appreciate your affections for him (and that he wants some more of them).

8. Curling Up with You or Near You

A cat will sleep anywhere and everywhere, but they often choose the warmest place to curl up in, like near an open window or on top of a heating machine. Cats try to stay warm because their bodies don't produce much heat on their own, so they may curl up with you or near you because he feels safe and loves to be near the person whose company he enjoys.

9. "Kneading" on Your Lap

When your cat starts kneading on your lap, this is a sure sign that he loves and trusts you! The action of kneading is called paddy-pawing when they do it on your lap. A cat will perform this behavior when he is content and happy, especially if you pet his forehead area softly.

10. Being Playful

Cats love to play because it's a sign of their youthfulness and energy. They like toys that move around like bugs, mice, or string. If your cat is playful, loves to play with you, and follows you around the house looking for ways to get your attention (and has a nice chirp), it means he loves you!

How do you know that your cat loves you

11. Wrapping Around Your Neck

When your cat wraps himself around your neck, this is his way of being affectionate to you. He feels safe and protected because he knows that no one can get to him. Just remember to be gentle because his claws might hurt you!

12. Cuddling With You on the Couch

Cats love laying around, whether it's in a box or anywhere they feel comfortable. If your cat likes sleeping with you on the couch and won't budge when you try to move him, he probably loves to be with you! This is common for cats that like spending time with their owners.

13. Rubbing Against You

Your cat rubs his scent glands against furniture or people around your house to mark his territory (and announce to everyone else that they belong to him). If your cat rubs his body against you, this is one way of telling others that you're his and he loves you. This may be accompanied by a chirping sound or not-so-pleasant scent, but the meaning is the same.

14. Purring

Cats purr when they feel happy and content and they do it to show affection. When your cat is purring, he feels loved and appreciated by you which makes him feel safe and secure.

15. Leaving You Presents

Cats love hunting for prey because it's their instinct since they are predators. Even though your cat may bring you dead animals as presents, it's his way of saying "I love you" and that he feels safe and happy when he is with you.

With your pet cat, spending time with them is very important because this will help them feel loved and cared for by their owners. They want to be close to people they love and enjoy every moment of it. Cats show their affection through their actions and their sounds, so pay attention to how your cat behaves. You'll see that he does love you even if it's hard for him to show his affection sometimes.

How do you know that your cat loves you

16. Giving You a Side-Eye Glance

When your cat gives you a side-eye glance, this means that he loves and trusts you and that he wants to get closer. Your cat might be feeling affectionate and playful so he wants you to play with him! This is one of the most common ways cats show their affection.

17. Bringing You Presents for No Reason

When your cat brings you to present such as dead bugs or mice, this may just mean that they feel safe and happy with you. They know that they can share the food they catch and that no one will be mad at them or punish them. Cats feel free to express themselves around their owners, so if your cat brings you a present it means he feels safe and loved by you!

18. Leaning Against You for Support

Cats are very independent animals, but if your cat leans against you for the support this means that he feels loved by you. There are lots of reasons why your cat may lean on you, such as the fact that they just want some affection or that they can't hold their own weight because they were playing too much and got tired!

19. Licking You

Cats lick their owners to show affection and intimacy. If your cat licks you, it's because he wants to be close to you and loves you like family. Cats can also lick themselves after they drink water because this is their way of taking care of themselves (they don't want to go around stinking with dirty fur).

How do you know that your cat loves you

20. Staring at You

When your cat stares intently at you, this is because he loves you! He wants to play with you or just stare into your eyes which shows that he feels safe and protected when he's with you. Your cat might also be feeling aggressive so all the staring can mean that he wants to attack!


Cats are very independent animals, so they can show their affection in unique ways. Even though your cat might not be the best at showing his emotions with words, you'll know that he loves you by observing his behaviors towards you. Cats often send mixed signals (for example, bringing dead mice as presents), but all these gestures mean the same: your cat loves and trusts you and feels safe and loved when he's with you!

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