Why cat suddenly aggressive toward you

Why cat suddenly aggressive toward you

When people think of cats, they tend to think of them as sweet and loving. Cats are also sometimes depicted in stories and cartoons as being mischievous or even able to talk. However, this is not often the case in real life. Cats are typically their own creatures that have different personalities just like humans do. Sometimes your cat can decide to suddenly become aggressive toward you. This can be a very traumatizing experience for both the cat and the owner, so it is important to take action quickly if this ever happens.

Why cat suddenly aggressive toward you

1. There is another cat in the house

Cats are territorial animals.  When another animal moves into the territory, it will feel threatened and they become aggressive to defend its area.  If your new cat has moved into the home, then the original cat will start to feel threatened because its territory is now invaded by another animal.

2. The cat is in pain

If your cat is in pain, then he or she will behave aggressively toward you.  Cats are very sensitive animals and they feel threatened when someone gets near their face to examine it.  They may feel more vulnerable if they are sick, injured, or feeling unwell.  To protect itself, the cat will even try to scratch you.

3. The cat is having problems with its social life

If your cat is sick or old, then they may start to feel more isolated from their own species.  They are no longer able to compete with the other cats of the same age and social level.  It can make them feel lonely and depressed, which will cause them to lash out regularly.

4. The cat has been spayed or neutered

When a cat is spayed or neutered, they often become more aggressive toward their fellow cats for mating purposes.    They will mark their territory by spraying around the house.  This is not good for your carpets as it can leave a distinct smell that cannot be easily removed with carpet cleaning machines.

5. The cat has been de-clawed

When cats are de-clawed, they become more aggressive toward other cats and toward humans.  They no longer have their nails that can be used to claw their rivals or defend themselves against strangers.

6.  Your cat doesn't like you anymore

Cats are very smart animals and they understand social behavior and body language better than we think they do.  If your cat has been together with you for a long time and suddenly they start to show aggressive behavior, then it's probably because they don't like you anymore.

7. The cat doesn't want to be touched

Cats usually love to sleep on their owner's lap or at least close enough so that the owner can pet them.  But when the cat doesn't want to be touched, it will behave aggressively toward you.  It's like they are telling you that they don't want to interact with you anymore.

8. The cat has been neutered or spayed too young

If your pet has been neutered or spayed too early, then it will not learn the social behavior right.  If you try to touch its face or pick it up by force, then it will act aggressively toward you because of this intrusion on its space.

9. You don't treat your pet like a cat

A pet is part of your family and you should treat it like one.  It is an animal with emotions and feelings, so don't shout at it or scold it when they misbehave.  If you want it to behave properly, then provide for its needs in the right way.

10. The cat doesn't have enough space to move around

Cats are very active animals that need to move around regularly.  If your cat doesn't have enough room to exercise, then they will get frustrated because their energy can not be released properly.  The cats will lash out at you when they don't get the space they want or if you obstruct them from doing what they want.


Cats can become very aggressive from time to time.  But there is a solution for everything.  If your cat frequently lashes out at you, then it's better that you take action as soon as possible.  Schedule an appointment with a local vet and ask them what the problem could be.

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